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    At Milestone we help chemists providing the most innovative technology for sample preparation for trace metal analysis and direct mercury analysis. Milestone has been active since in the field of advanced sample preparation.

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    We are the acknowledged industry leader in microwave instrumentation technology with over thirty patents and more than Our industry-leading technology on sample preparation, in combination with fast, responsive service and applications support, allows Milestone to provide you the highest return on investment possible.

    Our commitment is to consistently provide scientific and industrial communities with the most effective, safe and productive instruments for Microwave Digestion for ICP analysis, Microwave ExtractionDirect Mercury AnalysisMicrowave-Assisted Synthesis and Microwave Ashing. For more inspiration, just follow us Request your Virtual Demo Get up close to the Milestone Excellence Laboratory and see through live webcams the latest ground-breaking technology updates from our expert chemists.

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    Our Application Team can provide advice, consultancy and solutions on your specific application and a face to face conversation binary option candlestick strategie live cams. Read more New book publication The book is the results of the joined effort of the most active and recognized persons in microwave digestion: dr. Werner Lautenschläger, prof.

    Skip Kingston, prof. Cezar Bizzi.

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    Learn how sample preparation plays a pivotal role in elemental analysis, throughtput and the analysis costs. Read more Microwave-Assisted extraction for climate change studies Read a new article that describe the work of Utrecht's University research group who uses the newest microwave extraction system to study primeval seabed sediment.

    The findings could help predict how, and how quickly, climate change can melt the ice caps.

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    Read more Tap into unlimited resources Milestone Connect is a unique feature for your best-in-class system putting Milestone years of applications experience at your fingertips. Innovative microwave systems and mercury analyzers Milestone Product Portfolio Today Milestone is offering state-of-the-art laboratory microwave systems based on solid experience of several thousand laboratories around the world performing sample preparation for ICP analysis.

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    We strive for excellence of mercury analyzers offering our customers integrated solutions able to render lab activity easier, faster and safer. Sample preparation is one of the most impactful steps in trace metals determination. Milestone offers high performance sample preparation equipments in binäre option 25 startguthaben ohne einzahlung kostenlos to achieve optimum results and performance in trace metal analysis with lowest possible detection limit.

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