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Trial splutters to a halt, again 01 Apr There was tension to the end of the five-week trial at Southwark Crown Court.

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After 13 hours and 51 minutes, the jury returned majority guilty verdicts against Ingram, 39, and Whittock, But a further 20 minutes passed before the jurors came back with a guilty verdict against Mrs Ingram, The Ingrams held hands as they sat side by side in the dock while the verdicts were delivered.

Mrs Ingram closed her eyes as her husband was declared guilty.

how do i quickly become a millionaire

As they waited for her verdict, the major kissed his wife on the cheek. The fines must be paid within three months. The sentences spell financial ruin - Ingram faces an Army administrative investigation which will almost certainly end his year career.

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The youngest of his four children watched from the public gallery and later left court at his father's side. It was this which caused you to wonder whether you could beat and, it has to be said, cheat the system.

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The Ingrams were given tougher sentences because the judge was satisfied they devised the plan and had experimented with message pagers before using coughs. The judge told them the idea "originated with you and your party" - thought to be a guarded reference to Adrian Pollock and Marcus Powell, Mrs Ingram's brothers who featured heavily in evidence.

how do i quickly become a millionaire

Pollock, 40, had previously been on the programme and had written a book about it with Mrs Ingram. Powell, 35, was warned about his use of a mobile phone in the studio on the first night of the major's appearance on the show in September Pollock was bankrupted following the collapse of his internet business. Powell has a conviction for housing benefit fraud. The jury had reviewed hours of damning video evidence.

Tapes of Ingram's appearance on the show - which has never been broadcast - show him making dramatic changes of mind in response to Whittock's coughs. Chris Tarrant, presenter of the quiz, said he felt no sympathy for the defendants.


If Ingram was discharged and he proved successful in a court of appeal, he would be re-instated and given pay back-dated to the day of release, the how do i quickly become a millionaire said. All three defendants are considering whether to appeal.


Ingram will face two other deception charges later this year at Salisbury Crown Court. He claimed his house had been burgled - and antique furniture stolen - when he and his family were on holiday in Spain.

how do i quickly become a millionaire